About This Store

We hope this online store will make it easier for you to donate the products needed by The Pantry to meet some of the requirements of members of the Open Doors community.

The products are offered in bundles at our supplier's everyday unit price plus a small markup to pay for the transaction fees associated with processing payments online.

When you order a quantity of any product, you are donating the money for The Pantry to purchase that quantity times the number of units or packs as noted in the product listing.  So, 1 quantity of a product that is a bundle of 4 units will result in a donation of 4 units at a cost equal to 4 times the supplier's unit price, plus the transaction fee.   If your order quantity is 2 of a product in a bundle of 6 units of a 2 pack product, then you will have a donation of 2 x 6 x 2 units, or a total of 24 packs of the product.

The amount you pay at check out will reflect the quantities of your selections times the bundle prices with transaction fees included.  There are no taxes, shipping, or handling fees.